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Hello there, I’m Steve McKinney, a designer who codes. I write regularly, focusing on the process behind that. I cover topics on designing with Adobe Illustrator, CSS and Wordpress.

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Maintenance week #4

Maintenance weeks are where detail website tasks, instead of a regular post. I spend time fixing bugs, updating grammar and posts in general, as well as adding featured images. It varies what I will do, and this posts serves as detailing what has been done.

CSS only iOS style ‘toggle’

Since they appeared in iOS it’s been a trend to recreate these using CSS only. The technique uses the adjacent sibling selector and a hidden checkbox to retain use of the :checked pseudo class. In this post I wanted to take a look at this…

Redesign progress update

One of my aims during redesigning this website is to keep the seamlessness between content output and redesign. It’s not the easiest of tasks, as any time spent writing, is time taken away from the redesign or vice versa.

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