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Feedback is really helpful, as I will be able to improve posts further. It also helps me to focus on the right topics. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I’ll be grateful for you taking the time.

Issues with a post

Free feel to send a message if you’re stuck with a post. I’m happy to help steer you in the right direction. The following will help:

Hiring me

If you have something you may think I’d be interested in, please feel free to send it across. However, I’m not currently available for freelance work. When I have availability, I take on design only projects. These are usually for individuals and small to medium businesses.

Find me elsewhere

dribbble, twitter, behance and linkedin.

Contact form

I aim to respond to every email. For any reason you do not receive a reply, try again, it’s possible something has gone wrong.

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Save time starting a new design

It’s my aim to help you be a better designer. I’ve made you a simple template to manage your colour, grid and guides. You’ll save around 20 minutes each time you start a new design.

Join my list and I’ll send you the template and update you with new Illustrator design tutorials and workflow improvements. Schedule is currently monthly.