Everything (almost) I use associated with this website and my day to day work.


Can’t be beaten for vector editing. I use Illustrator for a lot of design work.
For all the things Illustrator can’t do, mostly photo editing.
I’m a recent Figma convert, for day to day at work it helps keep me much more efficient. It’s easier to retain consistency throughout and those you’re working with.
So many handy little tools that help designing. Rulers, colour blindness testing, etc. As well as the companion app xScope mirror.
Gifox (gif recording)
A fab menu bar app for recording gifs. I use this to demonstrate things quickly in my posts.
If I need a screenshot of a website I’ll usually turn to this app. It’s generally the most flawless way to get a screenshot of a website (and in bulk). Although I still use webkit2png and you can use Chrome too.


I write all code in Coda, nothing beats a Panic app for quality.
Coda plugins
EditorConfig, PhpPlugin and Dash Coda
Panic Palette syntax theme
A syntax theme by Panic, for Terminal and other editors.
Panic Sans
The default typeface bundled with Coda, so you won’t be able to get it elsewhere. I’ve experimented with others, but I always return to the default.
An easy and convenient way to search documentation for pretty much every language.
Apple Terminal
I use the Panic Palette and zsh (using ohmyzsh). I don’t use a git client either, all done through Terminal.


Like Coda, I’ve been a long time user of Things. It’s the GTD (get things done) way of working I like about it, as I’m not that organised. It’s also wonderfully designed.
iA Writer
A simple markdown editor. All posts start here then are copied and pasted into the CMS. Syncs with iCloud so I can write anywhere.
Keeping all my valuable files backed up and accessible anywhere.
A spotlight replacement for Mac, with loads of handy features and workflows.


Averta from TDF
I use Averta for headings.
Freight Text Pro from Tyepkit
I use Freight Text Pro for body copy.
CMS used to run this website.
The host of this website. Referral link.
Fuss free server setup and keeps everything up to date security wise. Referral link.
Really simple deployments.

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