Maintenance week #4

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Maintenance weeks are where detail website tasks, instead of a regular post. I spend time fixing bugs, updating grammar and posts in general, as well as adding featured images. It varies what I will do, and this posts serves as detailing what has been done.

So while it’s not a post that directly gives value, it helps me keep on top of the library of content that I am acquiring.

Illustrator stroke profiles

This has become a really popular post in recent weeks. It was one I wrote quite early on in this writing weekly thing and on inspecting it again, it’s quite poorly formatted in terms of the images. So I have improved some of them.

Hero area series: selective refresh bug

I spotted a bug within the template files — a simple, but crucial one really — to do with the refreshing background colour. It had stopped working, for whatever reason. I needed to add echo to a function to make sure the style output. Strange, but annoying.


I spent the majority of this week sifting through posts and styling the various elements I use throughout. How they adapt with the screen and such.

I’m happy with the homepage, but I’m considering a rework of that as the current layout doesn’t adapt too well in the mid size range of screens, but I know I can do better. It’s just trying to think of a better solution.

Preparations for the redesign

I’m hoping to launch the redesign first week of September, which is a good time for me due to having a week off work. This means I’ve begun focusing my efforts much more on the redesign, as I mentioned a few posts back. It’s difficult to balance and progress suffers on both writing and the redesign.

I spent some time designing more featured images and tweaking posts.


As I’ve been working on the website I’ve been trying to keep the database in sync locally, as I post and update images. As I have a couple of CMS addons that are not currently on this site, it causes an error every time.

I uploaded and enabled the addons here and other things round making sure when I put this live there is as few hiccups. Steps like this that don’t affect anything, just mean one less thing to rush and do.

Horizontal scrolling responsive menu

Custom stroke width profiles in Illustrator

Along with a couple of images inside that post updated, I have added a featured image too.

Get up to speed with CSS shapes

A guide to vertical rhythm

Photoshop generator syntax cheatsheet

I’m a tea drinker, but it’s equally appreciated if you found the article useful.

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