You don’t need an extension for Photoshop grids

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In the October 2014 update, Adobe added a new grid/guide creator and it’s great. It covers the majority of things extensions like GuideGuide do and has a couple of advantages.

I’m not sure it’s been given the attention it deserves, a small feature, yet one we will use so often. It’s simple to use and allows you to save (like GuideGuide) and should sync your grid layouts with Creative Cloud.

Creating a guide layout

To create a guide layout it starts with going view in the menu bar, then finding new guide layout towards the bottom. You can preview guides as you go, which is something GuideGuide doesn’t do.

Menu bar > View > New Guide Layout…

Saving a guide layout

Saving a guide layout turns it into a preset like other features do within Adobe applications. You’ll also see presets already created and are able to use them.

Click the preset menu, to be presented with options to save and use.

Creative Cloud sync

If you don’t have the Creative Cloud sync enabled, you should enable it. For many reasons, in this case, for syncing your guides. You can find it in Photoshop preferences, it should fall under the presets option.

Photoshop sync settings preference pane.

One less reason to rely on an extension

As you can see it’s as good as GuideGuide. The only downside is I would say GuideGuide is more accessible with having a window option available. Maybe Adobe will add this in the future. Or you could create a set of actions, with your most commonly used grids.

I’ve created some simple guide layout actions, for you to download.

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