11 resources for colour inspiration

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Following on from the colour series I have a selection of websites that can help inspire your colour palettes. There is a variety between inspiration, resources and tools to pick colours.

Colour Lovers

A continual source of inspiration for me, I use it to add weight to my colour choices or identify nice pairings. I particularly like the variety of ways you can discover colours.

Color Hunt

Color Hunt posts colour palettes that have 4 colours each. It’s a great source of inspiration as the majority are pleasing combinations.

Adobe Color

Previously Kuler, it’s Adobes source of colour inspiration. It makes for a great addition between Adobe apps and you can save palettes and sync them between Adobe apps. You’re presented with a colour picker which can help your choices.


Colllor is really useful for helping to pick tints and shades. It’s also very helpful when you want a colour that’s somewhere inbetween two colours.


This is an interesting way to pick a palette. Move your cursor about and click. I like how you see the palette in a large space, as I’ve mentioned in this colour series post, you need to see your palettes in a variety of cases.

The Days Color

It appears to be an inactive site now but it’s a great source of inspiration. Each palette mentions where it drew the inspiration from, which can serve as a reminder for you to look elsewhere if you’re struggling for inspriation.


This has long been a go to website for me to use its colour wheel capabilities. It serves well as a reference for complementary colours and ideas of what could work well if you’re stuck. It’s quite rare I use the colour suggestions, but if I like what I see I usually will tweak them.

Plenty of Colour

One of my most favourite things is using the world around us for colour inspiration and this blog focuses around that.

Canva colour theory

This is a broad article on colour theory, the page itself is a doorway to their other articles. Again there are palettes from photos from everyday things.

Wes Anderson Palettes

Wes Anderson is known for the attention to colour throughout film. This tumblr focuses on that. It’s highly inspirational. I especially like how it shows you can use a large variety of colours harmoniously, without being overbearing.

Color Template

This is a really handy and well designed guide on making colour palettes. I really like the approach to this.

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