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Three free form styles

This is one of the first things; I’ve worked on aside from what’s posts, to give away. It’s quite difficult to figure out what to design to give away, without just adding to the masses of things out there already. I’ve decided to code up some form styles. So you should be able to grab their styles and apply them right away to your forms. There are three variations.

Style one

See the Pen Dimensional form style by Steve (@stevemckinney) on CodePen.

Style two

See the Pen Flat form style by Steve (@stevemckinney) on CodePen.

Style three

See the Pen Bulky form style by Steve (@stevemckinney) on CodePen.


Each element requires the .input-base class. This applies a reset, that I have wrote about previously.

Text fields (text, email, textarea, etc)

These require the .input-text class. The only difference between these is I’ve applied a min-height to the textarea.

Select field

These require the .input-select class.


These require the .input-checkbox class.


These require the .input-radio class.

Submit button

These require the .button class.

If you have any trouble using them, or any suggestions for what would help you, feel free to contact me or tweet.

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