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Illustrator quick tip: grid guides

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I find myself needing to remember, how do I create a set of grid guides in Illustrator. As I’m a relatively new convert to using Illustrator, well I find myself switching between Illustrator and Photoshop, for much of the work I do. This is a quick tip to show you how to make a grid, for those who just can’t remember, due to it generally being easier to remember in Photoshop. In the post, I will cover how to create a simple grid and toggle its visibility.

Add a rectangle the size of your artboard

The first step we need is to add a rectangle m.

Split the shape into a grid

Object > Path > Split Into Grid

Choose your options to create a grid suited to your needs.

Hiding the grid

Currently, the setup doesn’t allow you to hide the grid.

With your all your grid selected. Press cmd + 5 or go to View > Guides > Make Guides

You should now see your guides and be able to toggle them with cmd or ctrl + ;.

If you found this article useful or it’s saved you time, I would be grateful for your support.

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