Christmas gift guide 2015

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As it’s the festive time of year, I thought I would add to the lists of gifts that people are writing. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, not just for the gift giving, but it’s a time to relax and enjoy what surrounds Christmas. Usually there’s a bit of a designer spin on it, which is my aim, but I think they’re suitable for everyone. I own some of these things already, so for what I can I have provided a brief review. There’s a mix of things from notebooks to shoes, with varying price points.

I’ve provided prices alongside them in the currency that the website uses. As exchange rates change so often, I thought this was the best approach.

Baron Fig apprentice – $9

Credit: Baron Fig

I really like these little notebooks, they’re good quality and fair priced. The problem I have with larger notebooks I feel like I need to do purposeful stuff in them and not ruin them. These stop that and are really convenient.

Order from: Baron Fig

Grovemade keyboard tray – $99

Credit: Grovemade

I’m yet to get one of these. They look great and serves as a nice convenient way of storing batteries and other bits.

Order from: Grovemade

Grovemade wrist pad – $49

Credit: Grovemade

It goes hand in hand with the keyboard tray. It looks like a must have because of the way it seamlessly works with the keyboard tray.

Order from: Grovemade

Jessica Hische: In Progress ~£18

Credit: Amazon

This is such a great book, there is so much great lettering in there. You can learn so much from the process and whether you’re a letterer or not. There are tips you can bring into your work.

At the time I got it, it was £12. For how inspirational it is, it’s a steal for that price. Though it has gone up slightly, it’s still a great price.

Order from: Amazon

Apple leather case – £39

Credit: Apple

The previous couple of cases I have had for my iPhone’s have been by Apple. They cost more than most, but the last one I had lasted 2 years (the life of my last phone). They offer better protection than most and are super durable. Being made by Apple they fit the device the best it can. Don’t confuse this for the silicone case, I can’t vouch for that.

Order from: Apple

Saki roll pen case – ~$18

Credit: Jetpens

I bought mine from Amazon, it took a while to find one and around 2 weeks to ship, so it may be a little short notice.

It’s a really nicely designed case, which holds a fair amount of things. It comes in a variety of different colours, so you’re sure to find one you like.

If you’re in the US, you’ll be able to get it shipped from jetpens, which means it will arrive much sooner. If you’re from the UK it has to come from Japan. Which is fine, it just takes much longer.

Order from: Jetpens (US) or Amazon (UK)

Uniform Wares M40 – ~£350

Credit: Uniform Wares

This is a wonderfully minimal and well designed watch. Realising as I write this post I forgot to put it on this morning. I love watches, although I’m not an expert in the sense of understanding all the inner workings and such. However, I must have spent a good few hours researching and looking for a specific look of watch, and came across Uniform Wares.

In my time choosing a new watch, I looked at many reviews for this, to see if it was worth buying and it was well regarded. I’ve had no reason to doubt the quality, over the time I have had it.

Order from: Uniform Wares

Nike Roshe – ~£70

Credit: Nike

These are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. They come in a few varieties which vary in price.

Order from: Nike

Bose In Ear Headphones - £114.95

Credit: Amazon

Bose seem to get a bad rap and I’ve not been sure why. I think it’s usually on price. I’ve had two pairs of these earphones, the first pair lasted nearly 3 years, but I lost them somehow. I’ve had my second pair for a year now. In terms of price, that’s value for money for me.

The reason I rate them so highly is because of the comfort in your ears. I dislike full in ear, they make you feel like you’re underwater and you lose some of your awareness when you’re out and about. However, others that don’t do in ear you’ll find fall out very easy, these don’t. I think the sound quality is good, especially against cheaper options. I can’t compare to similar priced options.

Order from: Amazon

Incase EO Travel Backpack – $179.99

Credit: Incase

I have had a few backpacks from incase, I would highly recommend them, along with this one. They wear well and tend to be very durable. The best thing about them is the compartment for your computer. They have all offered good padding and some breathing room for your case, keeping it super secure.

I have this bag and it has a lot of space, so may be a bit over the top for you. I have used it for short breaks and managed to fit everything I’ve needed into it. I wasn’t able to find this particular bag sold in the UK, so if you order it you will likely get a customs charge.

Order from: Incase

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