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Alternatives to Circular

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Circular is very much in the spotlight at the moment. It has a distinct look to it that so many huge companies are using. From Google to airbnb, it’s everywhere. If you’re looking for alternatives — but similar — with an affordable price point for personal projects, or through a different service, this post is for you.


There is reason for its popularity outside of what Google has done for it. It’s a superb typeface that has many aesthetically pleasing features. So, what makes Circular distinctive?

All these things are what I believe add up to it’s popularity. It’s modern and geometric, but friendly and approachable. It’s suitable for large and small text sizes. The alternatives that I have found try to fit that as closely as possible. (none are free)

You could dig for ever on myfonts, there are a variety of price brackets and endless typefaces. I have found some really close matches here. It certainly is the best place for close alternatives.



Possibly the closest match. It has a very similar double story ‘a’ and similar features in contrast and geometry.

Qanelas Soft


FF Mark

FF Mark on its own is popular, it is a similar typeface. It has been used part of many bigger rebrands like mastercard.

Google fonts

Some of the matches here aren’t as close as I would like, but they do have characteristics. Some have few weights and styles, but it’s expected for free fonts. Overall some good alternatives.




Work Sans


A reasonably wide variety can be found on Typekit, with plenty of weights and styles. I’m sure there will be others too. Some aren’t the closest matches, but nonetheless share similar characteristics.






Faricy New

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