Wordpress functions to help make your life easier

As part of using Wordpress, and any other part of making a website, for that matter, you acquire reusable parts. As well as discover functions that aren’t shouted about. In this post I’ve shared a few with usage.

Ways to get post thumbnails in Wordpress

With Wordpress there are a lot of ways to the same thing, for good reason, sometimes you can’t do it one way or the other. This can make it tricky to remember how to do it for each instance. At least this is the case for me. I want to use this post to serve as a guide for each method of doing so. I won’t be covering their parameters, just the necessary steps to retrieve an image.

Wordpress custom fields

I have only recently looked into using the custom meta boxes that come with Wordpress. I’ve been a fan of Advanced Custom Fields for a long time, so it’s something I’ve never had a great urge to use.

I’m going share with you over the course of this post how to get them set up. You’ll learn to add them efficiently, how to add custom CSS, change placement to under the title and finally how to use them in your theme.

Wordpress post formats

I haven’t done much Wordpress development as of late, so I was a bit rusty, last time I used it properly was around the release of 3.0. I decided to try out Wordpress again. I discovered post formats, looked into them, found they were like what Tumblr offers. Though I’d got that wrong they have some constraints, so for the time I’ve been figuring them out and consider this to be one of the best ways to use them.

Start new designs quicker

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