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Redirecting an old domain to a new domain with nginx

Servers isn’t a topic I thought I would write about, however I had to do something for the first time on nginx. There is plenty of information out there on this topic. As someone who was new to redirecting old and new domains on nginx…

Using webkit2png to generate responsive screenshots

If you ever have to create screenshots for a website, it can be quite a tedious process. In this post I will show you a way to do it easily with webkit2png. We’ll set up an array, which will generate a full sized screenshot with…

Save time starting a new design

It’s my aim to help you be a better designer. I’ve made you a simple template to manage your colour, grid and guides. You’ll save around 20 minutes each time you start a new design.

Join my list and I’ll send you the template and update you with new Illustrator design tutorials and workflow improvements. Schedule is currently monthly.