Stop a click based on the page

I was set a task in University to make a website in short. Part of the requirement was to make each page link, if you are on that page not be clickable. There are a good few advantages to this, mainly, it being required in this case for usability. This can be done with CSS too, but the browser support is limited, as far as I know to Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I could ignore browser support, but this is kind of a key point also within the course that we must accommodate to older browsers.

Using jQuery to add unique body ID

I’m quite a beginner with jQuery, but recently I made a basic free template on my downloads page, and I wanted to actually try put some of my knowledge to use for once. So I made this little jQuery snippet. Say you want to style a page of your website a little differently to the rest of the other pages, be it you want all the h1 headings on the home page to be green and on your about page blue. With these few lines of code you can have an ID added to the body based on the URL’s ending/page name.

Start new designs quicker

It’s my aim to help you be a better designer. I’ve made you a simple Adobe Illustrator template to manage your colour, grid and guides. So you’ll get to executing your ideas around 20 minutes sooner, every time.

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